(intensity )سختي ، شدت ، فزوني ، نيرومندي ، کثرت .

intensity سختي . شدت . فزوني . نيرومندي . کثرت

)intensity(سختى ،شدت ،فزونى ،نيرومندى ،کثرت

فرهنگ لغات عمومي
شدت،زیادی،عزم،جدیت،تندی،قوت،کشش،سخت بکارانداختن بروی دماغی
فرهنگ لغات فلسفه
مفهوم ، نیت ، قصد

what you must know in order to determine the reference of an expression(n)

Synonyms: connotation intension

Hypernyms: import meaning significance signification

In any of several fields of study that treat the use of signs — for example, in linguistics, logic, mathematics, semantics, semiotics, and philosophy of language — an intension is any property or quality connoted by a word, phrase, or another symbol. In the case of a word, the word's definition often implies an intension. For instance, the intensions of the word plant include properties such as "being composed of cellulose", "alive", and "organism", among others. A comprehension is the collection of all such intensions.

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